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Engraving Options and Ideas

Machine engraving offers many ways to enhance and personalise a custom wooden box. Whilst a traditional woodcarver might well use a V-shaped chisel to handcarve text and patterns in wood we use a computer-controlled V-shaped tool bit to carve the wood, or, as we like to say when speaking artistic rubbish, our engraving is "handcrafted by computer" or "computational woodcraft". Contact us today to discuss.

More engraving ideas

*** See our Portfolio and Gallery for many more custom Ornamentation of Boxes ideas. ***

Typical Engraving Design Process

Designing the engraving is typically a 2-way (us and you) process conducted by email exchange that might proceed as follows:

Step 1 - Test a few ideas for the actual engraving - here different fonts are being explored using computer sketch renderings. 

Computer rendered sketch of a wooden box

Step 2 - Test different sizing and positioning for the the chosen engraving using to-scale computer sketch renderings and incorporate the box design as well.

CNC Engraved text

Step 3 - Engrave.

Sketches: Please note, the sketch renderings we provide are just sketches; they aren't colour-corrected technical drawing/specifications.

Copyright: please do not ask us to engrave a copyright image; unless you hold the copyright of course. But don't be put off: it's usually fairly straight forward for us to find and license a generic image of most non-corporate subjects.