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Karl Peet

Karl formed BespokeCraft as a means to design, craft and market simple yet elegant functional wooden boxes. 

Karl is not a fan of overly ornate boxes. Or, based on 'Ornament & Crime' by Adolf Loos (See Wikipedia), 'Excessive non-functional ornamentation can have the effect of causing objects to go out of style and thus become obsolete.'

Designing your bespoke wooden box

Our website and social networking pages are galleries of some of our past commissions aimed at generating ideas for discussion.  

Whether your starting point is an idea or a sketch we will work with you to create your custom box. 

We like the cliche 'a picture is worth a thousand words' and therefore we make extensive use of computer generated images/sketches to convey design ideas.  (That's sketches, not colour-corrected technical drawing/specifications.)

And crafting ...

To craft your custom box we blend traditional handcraft skills with contemporary computer-controlled machines (computational woodcraft?).  We prefer to use the hardwoods oak and red meranti.

What makes us a bit different

We like to think we're a little bit different to other box makers:

  • We don't carry stock - all our (your) boxes are custom made to order.
  • We focus on function rather than ornamentation.
  • We aim to add a new design inspiration to our gallery each month.
  • Thanks for looking - don't forget to look at our developing gallery on