Custom Boxes for Mounting Needlework
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Functional wooden boxes for mounting needlework.  Each box individually crafted in oak or red meranti to the required dimensions. Contact us today. Click images to enlarge.

Please note: all boxes are designed to be completed by the mounting of needlework
We do not provide any needlework, cloth, or padding etc with boxes.We do not mount the needlework. 

Handcrafted oak needlework box
Small oak cube needlework box

Small Needlework Mounting Boxes

A range of small custom wooden boxes for mounting needlework, eg cross stitch, needlepoint, embroidery.  A removable insert in the lid allows the needleworker to mount their own work making each box a unique personal gift for friends, family, or self.  

Lids can be fitted with hinges - we use externally mounted electro-brass decorative butterfly hinges - or with magnets (or both).  Great for mounting and presenting those small sewing, hardanger and canvas work projects.

Needlework set into handcrafted sewing box lid

Stitching by Colette T'

Needlework box in red meranti

Wood: Red Meranti
Stitching by Marjorie T'

Lid inserts - and thereby the box - are custom crafted to fit your needlework.  We just need to know the size of lid insert required.

As shown 105w x 105d x height 105mm as required. From £40 each as shown. Code:301
Needlework box in oak
Handcrafted needlework box for mounting embroidery

Small-medium Needlework Sewing Box

Medium-sized custom sewing boxes with lid inserts on which needlepoint can be mounted are available to order in the size required.  So not having a correct sized box is no excuse for not starting that next canvas work, crewel or embroidery project. 

Internally, the base and lid are lined with black cotton velvet. Hinges are electro-brass mounted externally. Shown in oak.

Knotgarden needlework box

Wood: Oak
Stitching by Marian C'

Needlework set into handcrafted sewing box lid

Stitching by Diane W'

Needlework set into handcrafted sewing box lid

Wood: Oak
Stitching by Majorie T'

Mounted Needlework

Wood: Oak
Stitching by Gillian R'

As shown: 155mm x 155mm x 100mm height.   From £45 each as shown. Code:303
Handcrafted sewing box

Stitching by Michelle


Whilst the focus of attention is obviously the needlework and not the box, it might be that a little engraving could compliment the needlework or personalise the box.

{Showing a simple Celtic knot engraving to complement the needlework.}

Engraving from £25.  Please enquire.
Handcrafted oak needlework box

Needlework not included
Design and stitching by Michelle

Small Oval Needlework Gift Box

A small oval wooden needlework box.  The removable lid uses a pair pair of rare-earth magnets as the hinge.  This design - the sizing of which can be adjusted slightly - is intended for small boxes; if a larger box - with oval lid insert - was required we would adapt the circular style box below.  Internal base lined with thin foam.

105 x 90 x height 40mm as required. From £40 each as shown. Code:311
Handcrafted wooden needlework box with circular lid insert
Needlework set into handcrafted sewing box lid

Stitching by Catherine J

Circular Aperture Needlework/Embroidery Box

For those round projects a box with a circular aperture may be what is required.  Circular lid insert diameter as required.  Shown in oak with a 190mm diameter aperture.  Internal base and underside of lid lined with black cotton velvet.  Two pairs of small magnets set into box/lid rim act as a catch.  Box sized as required.

As shown: 260mm x 260mm x height 100 mm.  From £80 as shown. Code:305

*** See our developing Needlework Box Gallery ***

Please share photo's of your completed needlework project mounted on one of our boxes along with the story behind the needlework.

Handcrafted wooden octagon needlework box

Octagon in oak

Design and stitching by Michelle

Handcrafted wooden hexagon needlework box

Hexagon in red meranti hardwood

Polygon Needlework/Embroidery Box

No reason for a needlework box to be rectangular; a polygon box may be what's required.  An insert allows the needlework, canvas work or crewel work etc to be mounted and then press-fitted into the lid.  Internal base and underside of lid lined with black cotton velvet. Box sized as required.  Electro-brass or magnetic swivel hinges


Diameter (oak box) 240mm x height 100 mm as shown.  From £90 as shown. Code:306

Let's get those dimensions correct

Click image left to enlarge.

Are we talking the same about measurements?

Please refer to the front as frontage or width and the front-to-back as that or the depth.  The height is the height.  If necessary please specify if your dimensions are internal or external; by default we will assume dimensions are external.

Handcrafted needlework box
Needlework box - handcrafted

Medium Needlework Sewing Box

Custom needlework sewing box shown in red meranti hardwood.  Internally, lid and base lined with black velvet.  This version of the needlework box includes a single sliding tray, magnets set into the box and lid to gently hold the lid closed and handcrafted wooden hinges.

Needlework box with embroidery mounted on lid
Needlework set into handcrafted sewing box lid

Needlework by Joanne N

Needlework box with embroidery mounted on lid

Decorative needlework by Margaret G'

Prices vary according to size.

As shown: Frontage 265mm x depth 200mm x 145mm height. From £150 each as shown in red meranti. Code:308
Handcrafted needlework box

Medium Needlework Sewing Box

Variant of the above needlework box in oak with a full width removable tray and brass hinges.

Prices vary according to size.

As shown: Frontage 270mm x depth 270mm x 160mm height. From £150 each as shown. Code:308a
Red meranti handcrafted needlework box
Handcrafted red meranti needlework box

Medium Needlework Sewing Box

A variation of the handcrafted medium needlework sewing box in red meranti hardwood.  This version uses brass-barrel or brass-butt hinges and does not have a sliding tray.  Underside of lid and internal base lined with black cotton velvet.  Again magnets set into the rim and lid provide a light catch-effect. 

Cross stitch needlework set into handcrafted sewing box lid

Needlework by Carla S

With the lid closed, the hinges and magnets are hidden giving the box very clean lines maximizing focus on the mounted needlework/canvas work.

As shown: Frontage 360mm x depth 220mm x height 190 mm. From £90 each as shown Code:308a
Handcrafted sewing box
Handcrafted sewing box in Red Meranti

Deep Embroidery Needlework Box

Shown in red meranti hardwood, a deeper sewing box for mounting and displaying needlework, cross stitch, canvas work etc on the lid.


Needlework set into handcrafted sewing box lid

Wood: Oak
Stitching by Chris C''

A lid-insert allows the needlework to be mounted on the insert and then press-fitted to the lid.  Internally, lid and base lined with black cotton velvet. 

Can be fitted with handcrafted wooden hinges or decorative electro-brass hinges.  Optional sliding trays as required.

Circa 250mm cube shown. From £120 with electro-brass hinges as shown.  Please enquire. Code:304
Handcrafted wooden needlework box
Handcrafted wooden sewing box

Very Large Needlework Sewing

Larger boxes are suitable for multiple lid inserts allowing several items of needlework/embroidery work to be displayed. With handmade wooden hinges. Larger sewing boxes can be fitted with sliding trays as required. Handles and catches are optional. (Delivered without mounting cloth or padding but with a wooden lid insert(s) for self mounting needlework)

Circa 440w x 260d x 240h mm as shown. From £180 as shown. Code:309
Handcrafted embroidery box
Needlework box showing insert

Needlework Box Design

The basis of all custom needlework boxes shown on this page is the removable lid insert.  The idea is that the finished needlepoint, hardanger etc is mounted on the lid insert.  The insert, being fractionally smaller than the lid recess, then press-fits into the lid.

Generic Design Sketch

Example Design Sketch

Can't see what you're looking for?

Please email (or 'phone) us with your key wooden box requirements/ideas - include as much detail as possible - and we'll be pleased to develop a quick sketch of a possible initial design solution for your consideration.  The design could then be developed and refined as and if required.

Go on, contact us, we enjoy discussing wooden box designs.

Click each image to enlarge it
Wooden box with barrel hinge
Wooden box with brass-effect hinge
Handcrafted wooden hinge


Various hinge arrangements are possible. Left shows brass barrel hinges that are hidden with the lid closed.  Centre shows decorative brass-effect hinges.  Handcrafted wooden hinges (right) are also available.  The brass barrel hinges and wooden hinges only work well on larger boxes (see examples above).  The externally-mounted decorative electro-brass hinges work on all boxes - we fit these by default to smaller/medium sized needlework boxes.